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 F.A.O Bob - Transport!!

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Weston Pete

Weston Pete

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F.A.O Bob - Transport!! Empty
PostSubject: F.A.O Bob - Transport!!   F.A.O Bob - Transport!! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 4:39 am

Right mate heres how we stand on things.

Bolton (Away) - Me and Neil are both in for this one, however on your email you have corke down but he is not going! However if Don pulls out give corke a buzz as his Dad has offered to give him the money for it!!

Boro (Away) - Only count me in for this one, im ok whatever time the game is on the saturday, but if its changed to sunday i may have to re-think. No overnight stay for me though!!

Fulham (Away) - So far myself and Neil are both coming on this one, i think corke maybe as well but you will have to talk to him. However if this game is changed to a sunday, again i may have to re-think!! If it stays a saturday we may even get Sid/Jon on the trip!!

Hull (Home) - If this one stays as a saturday game, me, Corke and possibly one other will be on the bus if there are spare seats. Neil is on holiday but i may have Sid/Jon coming as his replacement!!

Hope this clears a few things up mate, any problems drop us a line!!
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F.A.O Bob - Transport!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: F.A.O Bob - Transport!!   F.A.O Bob - Transport!! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 1:45 am

Pete. have updated the newsletter if there is anything wrong let me know and I will adjust accordingly.
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F.A.O Bob - Transport!!
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