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 Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)

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stokie chris

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PostSubject: Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)   Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:09 pm

I'd like to kick this post off with another thankyou for another brilliant day out this time at villa park, particularly glynn for sorting out the tickets and bob for driving.

Now down to the subject "were villa robbed?" in one word and im not saying this because im a stoke city fan.....yes! and the reason?

i got up at 8.30am on sunday morning had a wash put on my clothes and had breakfast looking forward to the day ahead, at 9.30am the missus drove me down to the woolpack to meet you boys at this time i was feeling very optimistic about the very difficult game we had ahead.

at 11.15am we arrived at villa park had a beer, looked around watched the blue noses get beat by sheff utd (i'd like to point out your hatred for birmingham city has rubbed off on me, no explaination) and went to the club shop with steve, mike and mike's dad.

2.45pm getting nervous and went to que for the north stand, got in and went to find my seat on doing so a fat twat was for some reason standing up covering my view of the pitch but he did sit down and the point to this long build up of a post was the sensation of dread i felt seeing the pitch, the stands and the fans around me.

the reason for this dread (not because im behind enemy lines sitting with the villians) is because seeing the two sides line up on the pitch i knew in that instance stoke city were in big trouble.

3.10pm The bad sensation has justice to be there as stoke survive another relentless attack from villa i think its the forth as far as i can see our formation is defensive but is not doing us any favours as i watch on this feels like a practice training session for villa and what makes things worse is this training session is all about destorying your opposition with attacking football and villa are out for blood, red and white blood. well yellow (away kit).

3.35pm After what feels like a life time of defending villa finally get what they deserve a goal by petrov after what i have seen going into half time we are on par with a lottery win in luck terms as we are only a goal down. we should be 3 or 4 down.

2nd half kicks off and it looks like stoke have changed there formation to 4-4-2 and even though it feels better villa are still running us ragged, they are calmer, more creative and more hungrey on the ball.

Distaster! big john carew is coming on and heskey is going off. my mood has gone from depressed to burning fear and low and behold carew hits a screamer of a volley to make it 2-0.

now stoke 2-0 down with about 5 mins to go still looking like a side who wouldn't look out of place in the blue square league get a corner. lawrence whips it in and some how dickinson manages to get his head to it and puts it past freidel.

A consolation which we dont deserve, but then......whelan hits one and it goes in, 92nd minute. final whistle. 2-2.

i have a confession i enjoyed the day out but i didnt enjoy the game at all to see my team play so bad for 85 minutes and still come out with a result was demeaning and depressing and to be fair damn right wrong, not only didnt we deserve that point from villa park we didnt even deserve to be in the same league.

so villa were robbed even though its not a consolation i would have preferred stoke to lose than to see my team take a battering of that calibre again. i heard people say stoke never gave up, i say they never tried and had two very very lucky breaks.

sorry guys villa were great and there was no fault on how they played but as they say its just football.
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Weston Pete

Weston Pete

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PostSubject: Re: Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)   Mon Mar 02, 2009 3:18 am

Yesterday for me was quite possibly the biggest kick in the teeth we've had all season, im still trying to get what happened through my head! After a week of defending the club, the manager and the players in the end, after 92 minutes, I was the one booing the team off the field!!!

To be fair, Stoke quite possibly were the worst team who have come to Villa Park this season, first half they were awful, in fact so awful you wouldnt really understand unless u were at the game!

However, for some reason second half they came back into it especially when Fuller came on, they were a different side. HOWEVER, to be 2v0 up, at home, with 5 or so minutes left on the clock, i dont care whether its Stoke, Bad Manors or Barca, you see it out. That today just showed how bad our home form is, and that result couldnt of come at a worse time, a time when a win was so vital not only to the league table, but just to put abit of faith back into supporters who have started to doubt!!

Overal Gutted!!!! (and i aint even been into work yet!!) pale
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PostSubject: Re: Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)   Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:20 am

I dont think you robbed us Stokie...You got what you deserved. Never gave up, and didnt know when you were beaten. We had that type of spirit, unfortunatly it seems to be absent from our team at the moment.

Yesterday must have been a nighmare of a day to be sat with the home fans. 2-0 down feeling gutted. To the elation of an injury time leveller. Having to sit on you hands and say nothing !!
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PostSubject: Re: Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:55 am

To be honest Stoke had two or three shots on goal and scored 2 goals. You cant knock that if you're a Stoke fan. You can bloody well knock it if you're a Villa fan though! As Don said. Stoke didn't know when they were beat and played until the last whistle. Fair play to you boys
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PostSubject: Re: Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)   

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Villa Robbed? Stoke city vs Aston Villa (post match)
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